quarta-feira, 1 de janeiro de 2014


Por Geoff Kebby (Stratford-upn-Avon, Inglaterra)

Enjoy your pleasures HERE and NOW
for chances soon depart.
Let cool and squeaky daffodils
SPRING promises impart.

Don't miss a chance in SUMMER-time.
Go looking for a glade.
Throw your arms around a tree.
Find comfort in its shade.

Take in the warm aroma
on a fruitful AUTUMN evening
for every fleeting moment has
some treasure it's concealing.

Don't le the WINTER pass you by.
Make moments for reflection.
See frosted white - a spider's web
spun to such perfection.

Why wait until the journey's end?
Try feasting on the way -
for unseen hands are waiting.
Take your miracle today.

(Do livro "Paint your Wagon", 1999)

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