terça-feira, 1 de novembro de 2016


By Konstantinos Spiliotis (Nafplio, Greece)
If you can keep a secret, learn this:
The night, the stars and your passion
brought my magic.
You are cursed by loving me,
Absolutely, truly.
Since you tore my heart with your glance
I hold in my hands your fragrance
but loneliness touches my lips.
and on my body I feel your invisible touch.
So, you are cursed , by loving me,
Slavishly, forever.
I am in your thoughts, every moment that Time marks,
In your eyes I’m like a god,
In your body desire for me dances like fire
like flames that caress the limits of the sky.
Your mind is flooded with adoration
while I live in my dreams.
Your mouth must not abandon the taste of me.
Your lips become dry and find freshness
only on my lips
Never will you forsake my warm embrace.
Find your pleasure, only in me
and in the breathing of my body,
The sound of your rousing,
the climax of your orgasm.
That’s why you are cursed to love me,
emotionally, oppressively.
Whenever you hear nostalgic songs
You will feel my hand caressing your hair.
And when dusk is scented by the fragrance of lilac flowers
Like before, you will be reminded of my eyes.
I'll be the breath inside you, as life goes on.
I’ll be the earth you tread , the trees, the water.
And only this way, will your world be beautified,
Because I’m the mother’s cradling and you are the infant.
Because you have already cursed me for loving you.

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